Lola versus



I never saw it coming. It just happened.


I was hesitant at first if I should watch it or not but I’m glad I decided to give it a try. When I started watching it I thought that it would be like the other romantic movies where the girl, after getting dumped by her boyfriend, gets really messed up, finds a way to get a hold of her life again and eventually ends up with some guy that sweeps her off her feet. Another damsel in distress is saved, another fairytale-like ending.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate these fairytale-like endings but I think I’m old enough to know that what happen in movies doesn’t really happen in real life. Lola versus is one of those movies that will caught you off guard. It’s raw and heartbreaking and it has a different kind of happy ending. Lola didn’t end up with anyone else instead she ended up loving herself. Finally realizing what she wants, having a new perspective on her life she told her ex-fiancée who wants them to get back together that she’s taken. True enough, Lola’s taken. She’s taken by herself. 

The ending is real and honest and I guess that they are different kinds of happy ending and it doesn’t really necessarily have to be a happily ever after with someone else kind of ending. Sometimes loving ourselves and finding balance in our life is enough reason to be happy. 

"Cinderella is what messes girls up, because we all end up getting obsessed with shoes, and then we expect a man to put them on. I thought I was living a fairy tale." - Lola

P.S. This is one of those movies who has freaking great soundtrack!!!

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